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1 "Col. Daniel McFarland was a descendant of the second Earl of Lennox, who lived about 1150. He was a captain in the French and Indian war and and colonel in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War." -- Joanna McFarland, 1899. McFarland, Daniel (I3311)
2 "Daniel McFarland came from Province of Ulster, Ireland,in 1718. For nearly a century, the McFarlands had resided there, having removed thither from Argyleshire, Scotland.

"Daniel and his brother Duncan came over in company with a long list of Scotch-Presbyterian immigrants, they having taken passage in five ships which sailed into Boston Harbor August 4, 1718.

"Daniel and other members of his family, including a son Andrew, then 28 years of age, lived some years in the town of Marblehead, Massachusetts, before setting in Worcester.

"The senior Daniel McFarland, who came to Worcester, was accompanied thither by his sons Andrew, Daniel and John, and daughter Elinor, who married Samuel Gray..."

-- Descendants of Daniel McFarland, compiled by Henry B. Crane, Worcester Society of Antiquity, 1907. 
McFarland, Daniel (I3378)
3 "Genealogy of Jacob Kimble of the Paupack Settlement, Wayne and Pike County, Pa., and His Descendants, with Information on the Allied Families of Ridgway and Ansley."

Prepared by Mr. and Mrs. John H. Schneider, Winnetka, Ill., and Mr. Howard Kimble, Ames, Iowa.


The Accurate Law Printing Co., In., 19 S. Wells Street, Chicago, Ill. 
Source (S3254)
4 "List of children and their descendants of Jonas, Emil,Gottlieb, Katharine and Johannes Huber, and their addresses, as known to me at this date, Dec. 14, 1947." These are the children of Jonas Huber, 1826-1868, of Maulbronn, Germany. The compiler of the three-page list was Kurt Huber of San Francisco. Source (S3452)
5 "Some of the high spots in the life of Stella Hall Green recorded by her at the request of her grandson, Harold Hoadly Green Jr."


Source (S3359)
6 "Went west" and was never heard from again. Cook, Vernon L. (I3646)
7 "William Ansley was born in Massachusetts in 1773, removed with his parents to Pennsylvania when about four years old, and was educated and reared a farmer. In 1792, he in company with Powel Carpenter walked from Lackawanna county, Pa., with nothing but the clothes they wore, and their axes on their shoulders, settled together in Ontario county, N. Y., on the pre-emption line, five miles southwest of Geneva. Geneva then contained one frame and some half dozen log houses. ...
"In 1794 William Ansley married Esther Witter and they had ten children. His first wife died in 1817.
For his second wife he married Margaret (Sayre) Gramesly. They had six children. ... The ... old homestead ... was built and opened as a country hotel in 1794, and used for that for forty years.
"William Ansley died in 1840, and his wife in 1865."
-- History of Ontario County, 1893.

"He was reported to be very rich. ... We remember his visiting the Settlement once, coming in style with a fine pair of horses and close carriage or coach. On that occasion his wife and one son and daughter were with him, and it created quite a sensation among the people in the Settlement. But in their visits they knew no distinction as to rich or poor, visiting their poorer relatives as well as those in better financial circumstances."
-- From p.129 of the Ephraim Killam manuscript (1887), an account of early life in Paupack, Pennsylvania.  
Ansley, William (I3892)
8  Source (S3499)
9 A "Davis Felcher", joiner, single, age 23, arrived in New York City in July 1902 aboard the St. Louis out of Southampton. He was to visit his married sister in Babylon, Long Island.

Felcher, Davis (I5749)
10 A four-page, handwritten descendant chart for Albert Ansley and Prudence Clark. Received from Faye Brown of Chico, California, in 1990. Source (S3269)
11 A Leah Finklestein was born in Perth in 1908. Finkelstein, Leah (I5760)
12 A newspaper published in Birmingham, Oakland County, Michigan. Source (S3490)
13 According to Yolo County Biographies, at this site: http://www.calarchives4u.com/Biographies/yolo/yolo-free.htm Family F1843
14 After a decade in the United States and Mexico, Kurt Huber returned home to Berlin, met Gertrud Asch at a party in early 1922, and swept her off her feet. They were promptly engaged, and he returned to Veracruz in April, 1922. One year later, in 1923, she joined him in Veracruz, Mexico, where they married. In 1924, they moved to Wisconsin, where he had relatives and where their three children were born. They moved cross-country to San Francisco, where they joined the German immigrant community and Kurt ran a boarding house. Gertrud died in 1940. Kurt and his second wife, Edith Schmuck, had another child in 1946. Family F1173
15 After Amy's father died, her mother married Cleveland industrialist Thomas H. White, as his second wife.

Attended Wells College, Aurora, N.Y. 
Brannan, Amy Florence (I3873)
16 Age 23. Ansley, Venora (I4749)
17 Age at death given as 80. Moses, Catherine (I3170)
18 Age at death was given as 75. His daughter Deborah Solomon of 65 Greenfield Street, Mile End, was the informant. Levi, Eleazer (I3169)
19 Alfred Fingleston, born in Russia around 1852, came to London with his parents in the 1860s. He followed his father's tailoring trade, and in 1877 married Rebecca Goldsmid. They had two children, but Rebecca and their third child died in childbirth in 1883. Seven years later, when he was nearly 40, he married Phoebe Solomon, a bootmaker's daughter, and with her had 11 children. The family moved many times within London and lived for some time in Upton Park, east of London. Alfred died in 1920; Phoebe died in 1935. Family F278
20 Alfred's younger brother Barnett married at the same place on the same day.  Family F279
21 Amy's last name has been recorded as Brennan, Brannan and Brannon. The most likely version is Brannan, as that is how several different newspapers spelled it at the time of her wedding, and it matches the spelling on her death record. Brannan, Amy Florence (I3873)
22 An online note without citation reports a newspaper divorce notice for mid-1867 in Tioga County. Susan filed for the divorce with the help of a Peter Reep. Family F2377
23 Ana Larson, born in Denmark in 1856, evidently was attracted to the early Mormon settlement, because she emigrated to the United States when just 17 and made her way to Utah. Two years later, she married Jasper Peterson, also of Denmark, as his second wife, alongside his first wife, who was 17 years older. Ana and Jasper soon had two children, but they then divorced.

She married Robert Shimmin, an influential early Mormon adherent from the Isle of Man. She was 24; he was 56; she was his third concurrent wife. She and her sons moved with Robert to Salt Lake City, where they had five children together. He then left her, to return to the children of his second wife.

Ana died at age 51, having raised seven children.
Larson, Ana Christensen (I2863)
24 Andrew McFarland, born in Ireland circa 1690, emigrated to Boston with his father and several siblings in 1718. He settled in Worcester.

"He was a successful farmer and became quite an extensive land owner, not only in Worcester, but in Rutland and Pelham. He held various public offices in the town, and was assigned the second seat in the body of the meeting house May 1733. ...

"He died at his homestead established on Pleasant Street, June 4, 1761, aged 71 years. ...

"Andrew was buried on the Common in that ancient cemetery. His tombstone bears the following inscription:

"Reader, keep death and judgment always in your eye. None's fit to live, but who is fit to die."

-- From "Descendants of Daniel McFarland," compiled by Henry B. Crane, Worcester Society of Antiquity, 1907.

McFarland, Andrew (I3316)
25 Anne Huber notes Family F1231
26 Apparently adopted. He most likely is the Nelson T. Church, son of George and Cora Church of Phelps, NY, born Nov. 1897. In the 1900 census, he is not with the family, and his 'mother' is listed as having had no children. In the 1910 census he appears as Nelson C. Church, a boarder, age 12, with the Ansley family. Ansley, Nelson Church (I5459)
27 At age 9, he lost a leg in the train accident that killed his mother. Snedaker, Frank Welling (I3639)
28 Available at Heritage Quest Online Source (S3350)
29 Available at www.digitalarchives.wa.gov Source (S3300)
30 Based on his passport application in 1918. Ansley, Horatio Seymour (I3937)
31 Based on Manny's enlistment record. Fingleston, Alfred Lazarus (I795)
32 Birth date is estimated. Eliasiewicz, Jakob David (I3261)
33 Birth year 1839 according to her death certificate.

Birth was January 1844 according to the 1900 census.

Finkelstein, Mary (I7089)
34 Birth year based on death and marriage records. Goldsmid, Rebecca (I807)
35 Birthdate and place are based on her three US passport applications. Turner, Elizabeth (I2856)
36 Birthdate is reported to be July 2, 1832, to William Harris and Betsy Sharpe. Harris, Lucy (I4723)
37 Birthplace is based on 1901 census. Sugarman, Sarah (I3155)
38 Birthplace is based on 1901 census. Birth year estimated from 1891 and 1901 censuses. Goodman, Barnett (I3154)
39 Birthplace of Vilna was given in 1901 census. Date ranges from 1818 (based on 1901 census) to 1827 (based on his headstone). Goodman, Barnett (I3218)
40 Blanche always gave her birthdate as Oct. 27, rather than Nov. 3. Fingleston, Blanche (I790)
41 Blanche and Saul most likely met during one of his 10 trips to Europe from 1928 to 1940, or during one of her two trips to New York, in 1935 and 1936. They were not yet married when she moved from London to New York in October 1940. Family F276
42 Block C, Row 17, No. 11. Fingleston, Woolf Godfrey (I797)
43 Block C, Row 4, No. 44 Solomon, Henry (I820)
44 Block C, Row 43, No. 34 Fingleston, Dorothy (I804)
45 Block E, Row 11, No. 13. Fingleston, Alfred Lazarus (I795)
46 Born William Evans Decker Ansley, William Evans (I5195)
47 Bruce Bedell gives her birth year as 1803. Milligan, Hester (I5588)
48 Calculated from gravestone. Ansley, Albert S. (I4499)
49 Calculation from gravestone. Ansley, Wilbur Parker (I3856)
50 Calculation from gravestone. Ansley, Ida Matilda (I3857)

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